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injection therapy

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Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) is a combination of acupuncture & medicine that can treat anything Acupuncture can treat, only better. APIT was originally developed in China in the 1950's and has recently been added to Arizona Acupuncturist's scope of practice.

Injecting homeopathic and herbal medicines into specific Acupuncture points can help with digestive issues, sleep, neuropathy, anxiety, depression, allergies, flu's colds, headaches, and vertigo just to name a few.

Ask about our 10 session facial rejuvenation package using injection therapy!

 Facial rejuvenation
  10 treatments  $900 

  (includes 10 injections per visit)


  • Vitamin B-12  - Increases metabolism, energy, RBC production, strengthens memory, balances anxiety & depression.

  • Traumeel - Reduces pain, including from sprains, fractures, inflammation & arthritis.

  • Engystol - Treats the common cold, infections with fever, flu & viral infections.

  • Gripp Heel - Reduces body aches, sore throat, malaise, chills, colds, & flu.

  • Hepar Compositum - Promotes liver detox, treats acute and chronic liver & gallbladder disease.

  • Ignatia Homaccord - Treats depression, aphonia (trouble speaking), asthma, emphysema, stress & PMS.

  • China Homaccord - Helps with exhaustion, fatigue, weakness & nervous system imbalance.

  • Placenta Suis Ingeel - Treats peripheral circulatory disorders, eczema & scleroderma.

  • Gelsemium Homaccord - Relieves occipital headache, stiff neck & upper back neuralgia.

  • Coenzyme Compositum - Treats degenerative diseases, blocked enzymatic system & promotes utilization of oxygen.

  • Apis Injeel - Treats edema, pustular eczema, cerebral sensitivity.

  • Belladonnna Homaccord - Reduces inflammation, pain, asthma, cough.

  • Berberis Homaccord - Treats UTI, inflammation and/or irritation of urogenital tract & biliary duct.

  • Guna Made - Used for face and neck bio-lifting, reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, tonifies tissue.

  • Guna Collagen - stimulation of collagen synthesis, tonifies neck & face.

  • Made and Collagen combined - treatment of deep wrinkles

$25 - $40 each

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