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 Violet Light Healing

Life Coaching: Cost: $100 | Session Length: 60min

This session can be done in office, over skype, zoom or in the comfort of the client’s home.  It is perfect for clients who are ready and open to broadening their perspective and creating change through new ideas and practices. Powerful questioning, active listening and direct communication can help clients define clear parameters and shift perspectives to reach new understanding and awareness around emotions and life circumstances. The practitioner will be attentive in holding a loving, sacred space for the client to open up and through this experience the practitioner can customize a session that is unique to the individual. This may include self esteem building, writing affirmations, goal designing along with guided imagery and meditations which can be very powerful ways of clarifying intention and inspiring goal directed behavior. Energy work and art therapy can also guide them through this process. 

Energy Work: Cost: $75 | Session Length: 60min

This session can be done in office or in the comfort of the clients own home. This session is for anybody that is open and willing to start or continue their healing process through energetic modalities. The practitioner will use a combination or Reiki and Polarity Healing techniques. The client can expect the practitioner to hold a warm and compassionate space for their process to unfold in whatever way is comfortable for them. The practitioner will use a mixture of hands on and hands off techniques based on the preference of the client.

Intuitive Guidance: Cost: $50/$25 | Session Length: 60 min/30 min

This session can be conducted through skype, zoom, or in the comfort of the clients own home. This one on one Intuitive Guidance session for people who are open to spirituality and the idea of a guiding higher power who is seeking guidance or connection to their higher self and beyond. You can expect to receive intuitive guidance that is aligned with the undoubted fact that we are all one and all beings are connected. The techniques used will be a mixture of animal medicine,  card reading, nature scrying and general knowledge about Ascended Masters and beyond.

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