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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural and holistic anti-aging treatment that not only tonifies and tightens the face, but benefits overall health.

By increasing circulation and oxygenation, cosmetic acupuncture activates the body's own healing mechanism releasing collagen & elastin to the surface of the skin minimizing wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. 

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Neck protocol | 10 sessions | two per week for 5 weeks

Using Mei Zen protocol & product



Appropriate Candidates for Cosmetic Acupuncture

Someone who is in good, overall health and practices a healthy lifestyle will get the best results from Cosmetic Acupuncture. Eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and staying away from smoking, drinking and overexposure to the sun, will have optimum results. Sun damaged skin, depending on the extent of the damage, is a 10-treatment minimum and possibly more. Patients who are committed to a 10-treatment protocol, twice a week for five weeks, will see the best results. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture is contraindicated for patients with seizure disorders, uncontrolled hypertension, pregnancy and history of migraine headaches. Migraines can be resolved with regular Acupuncture then Cosmetic Acupuncture can be started.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the real anti-aging protocol; Cosmetic Acupuncture is one of its healing techniques.

How Does It Work?

Cosmetic Acupuncture originates from (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It not only benefits the skin and facial appearance but also helps with digestion, restful sleep, more energy and elevated mood. Each point used in the Cosmetic protocol is a TCM Acupuncture point which increases circulation and benefits overall health. Even though this protocol is not widely known about, it has been used for hundreds of years by Chinese Royalty and the wealthy.

How Many Treatments
Will I Need?

A free consultation is offered to anyone interested in receiving Cosmetic Acupuncture.  This will provide an opportunity to receive an assessment and a recommended protocol. One round of Cosmetic Acupuncture is 10 treatments; two per week for five weeks. This is a commitment that must be agreed on before the protocol is started. The two days a week don't have to be the same days every week, however scheduling treatments at least 2 days apart will allow adequate healing time in between sessions for optimum results. Results can be subtle to dramatic. You will get results; however they might not be the results you want. It depends largely on the commitment to keeping the appointments, following a recommended diet, exercise, skin care regimen, good sleeping habits and taking herbal supplements if prescribed. It also depends on the individual, as with regular acupuncture, some people get immediate results and others it takes longer. 

What to Expect?

Cosmetic Acupuncture needles are placed in the superficial layer of the dermis, .01-.03 mm deep which cause tiny, micro traumas in the skin. This activates the body's natural healing response by sending collagen and elastin to repair the area. Also, in creating more blood flow to the face, Qi is lifted and the true benefits of Acupuncture are experienced with no surgery or chemicals. 

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture are noticeably softer, firmer skin, a lessening of deep lines and wrinkles and possible elimination of finer wrinkles. The chin, cheeks and neck show a firmer appearance as well. And, because the protocol is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, other symptoms are relieved as well, such as hot flashes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestion and overall well-being. You leave not only looking younger but also feeling younger and healthier.

What Happens at the
First Appointment?

The first appointment will take approximately two hours.  This will give us an opportunity to get to know you better by asking you questions about your health. We will take a before picture with your permission, then design a specific treatment plan just for you.  After the intake your treatment will begin. When needle placement is complete, you can relax peacefully for 45 minutes. Needles are then removed and a facial regimen is started using Mei Zen toner and moisturizer which is massaged gently into your skin. These are available for purchase along with other Mei Zen Facial products if you'd like to continue a daily home regiment as recommended, in between treatments. Subsequent treatments will last about an hour. After your series is complete, your before and after photos can be picked up which are included in the price. 

What to do?
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes.  

  • Eat 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to your appointment.

  • Arnica gel is recommended to use during the five week protocol to help prevent bruising.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink 1/2 of your body weight in oz of water per day.

  • Wear sunscreen after treatments.

  • Follow your recommended diet and herbs as prescribed.

  • Exercise, but don't overdo it. 

  • Get adequate rest and remember, be gentle with yourself. 

What to avoid:
  • Stop taking aspirin and Vitamin E, two weeks before your series to prevent possible bruising, unless you have been advised by a physician. 

  • Patients taking blood thinners could bruise easier with Cosmetic Acupuncture, don't stop taking these unless advised by a physician.

  • Hot showers, hot tubs and saunas should be avoided one hour before your treatment.

  • Face should be free of make-up and clean, before treatment. Make-up remover cloths will be available. 

Future Instructions:

To maintain good results, monthly treatments are recommended following a complete protocol. Doing a 5 week series once a year is a good way to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year long. 

Helpful Hints: Keep taking herbs if recommended. Keep your skin moisturized at all times.  Applying to damp skin will help with absorption, most importantly at night when cellular repair is at its peak. 

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