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Thermography is a radiation-free state-of-the-art screening procedure that captures heat images of the body to aid in the detection of inflammation and various diseases. These screenings can include: breast, thyroid, lymphatic congestion, hormone imbalances, nervous system disorders, abdominal inflammation, vascular system analysis, muscular disorders, soft tissue injuries, fibrocystic breast disease and other pathologies. For example, as a tumor grows it develops a blood supply that emits heat that can be detected on a modern infrared device. To learn more about thermography visit, BTI Breast Thermography International.

Medical thermography can be used as a whole body approach to wellness with the understanding that there is no “normal” asymmetrical heat in the body. Thermal cameras can detect heat on the skin surface that may show underlying pathologies. Thermography is an excellent tool that your doctor can use to assess your health and is safe for anyone male and female at any age.

Naomi Brand, our Thermographic Technician, is a professional member of BTI (Breast Thermology International) and clinically trained by PACT (Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology). Every scan is performed with a state-of-the-art thermographic camera using proprietary software and following strict protocols to generate accurate data. Each scan includes an in-depth report interpreted by no less than 3 PACT board certified doctors including Dr. Alexander Sepper M.D. PACT also educates your doctors to understand your testing. Be sure to have them consult the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology website for more information and free training.

To learn more about Naomi: 

You do not need a referral to be tested, our locations can take your appointment directly.

We are very excited to be able to offer another informative, safe screening tool for our clients.
We have various locations in the Greater Phoenix Area, Cottonwood and Sedona. Ask about our mobile service for other locations. For additional details and questions contact Naomi.

Thermography Appointment

To Book a Screening, call or text 623-282-2167 or call toll free 877-315-7226 Ext 448 or email Include your name, phone number and email.

**Appointments must be booked no less than 4 days prior to screening in order to follow pre-screening protocols. Instructions will be sent via separate email after appointment is booked and reservation fee paid below.

Thermography Screenings Standard Prices:

  • Breast Screening – $249 -> 30 minutes

  • Women’s Health Screening – $349 -> 45 minutes

  • Men’s Health Screening – $349 -> 45 minutes

  • Full Body Screening – $599 -> 60 minutes

Ask about our current special offers, when you call for an appointment. Use your Flexible Spending Account funds or HSA funds before they expire. Cash, Checks, Debit and Credit Cards accepted. Payment plans available.

$50 Appointment Reservation Fee Only(credited toward final payment at time of service)
Buy Now by Contacting Naomi at:;
calling, 800-882-3015;

When we receive your payment, Naomi will call you to set up the place, date and time for your appointment.

***$50 confirmation fee may be refunded only if 48-hour notice is given for cancellation. Fee will not be refunded if less than 48 hours notice is given. Call Naomi 48 hours prior to screening if an appointment needs to be rescheduled. Rescheduling will not refund the confirmation fee.

Consider this:

A very important area of consideration is the neglected category of women under the age of 40. There are over 20,000 cases of breast cancer in this age group each year in the USA. When cancer occurs in a younger woman it is usually a much more aggressive form, and less likely to respond to treatment. There is currently no routine screening test for women under 40, and thermography is a perfect test for these women as there is no radiation from the exam. Annual exams are recommended starting at 20 years of age.

Other countries use thermography on a much wider scale because countries with socialized medicine need effective, cost-efficient technologies. Breast thermography was discovered in 1956 in Montreal, Canada and rapidly became popular throughout the world. It was FDA cleared as an adjunctive screening procedure for breast cancer in 1982 in the United States. Recent advancements in technology have allowed us to perform even more accurate exams. A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Surgery, performed at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell showed a 97% sensitivity in discriminating cancer compared to biopsy. (At the current time in the U.S., thermography is not covered by insurance, however,  you can use HSA or flexible account funds to pay for a thermographic scan or you can deduct it as an unreimbursed medical expense on your Arizona tax return.)

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