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         PFMT Chair
Pelvic floor muscle training

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PFMT Chair
Pelvic Floor muscle training

Introductory special
$70 per 30 min session
$360 for 6 sessions

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                                    BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT!

         Greatly improves quality of life by strengthening your pelvic floor.

 Experience 60-70% improvement with Directed Electromagnetic Technology                                        Targeting the Kegel Muscle.

What can the PFMT Chair help with?

   Overactive Bladder                    Sexual Health                  Painful sex/reduced lubrication

   Postpartum Recovery               Prostate Health               Erectile Dysfunction

   Low back pain                            Sciatic Pain                     Stress/Urge Urinary Incontinence

   Pelvic Pain                                  Leaking urine                  Emotional Distress

   Abdominal Pain                         Bladder fullness              Reduced Sexual Desire


•No Implanted electrical device

•No pacemaker, defibrillator, neuro-stimulator, bladder stimulator, internal tens unit

•No active cancer

•No epilepsy or an unstable seizure disorder

•No metal IUD or prostate gold markers

•No unstable arrhythmia

•No current menstruation

•Not currently pregnant

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